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Sunday, November 6 | 6 response(s)

Hey, if in the old post i answer the question from Lulu-San, now i answer the question from Urfie and Syntia. Okay, let's start!

Question From Urfie

Your blog name?
 Kokacream's Site.. Yeah!

When did you start blogging?
I start blogging at April 2011. But, i create this blog from June 2011 :)

Your favorite cartoon?
A lot! K-On! Shugo Chara! Kuroshitsuji, Eyeshield 21, anymore! XD <-- it's Anime!

Your favorite blog + link your favorite blog?
Zutto Nakayoshi

What do you like in school?
 Heem.. make a friendship, read comic, study (?), and playing s-o-s #but, i lose -_-

Do you like Spongebob Squarepants?
Yes! Yes! Yes! ><

What do you like most from blogging?
 Eem.. Readers, and Comentators XD

What do you like from Urfie's Blog?
Your header! Kawaii nee~

Do you like PowerPuff Girls Z?
So so O_O

You have a Facebook or Twitter or no two - both?
Facebook:  Mine
Twitter: Not yet ;)

What are the TV broadcasts that you like?
In fact, i like comedies, and anime XD

Question From Syntia

Who's your best among the best blogends (blog+friends)?
>>  Yo-chan, Hiku-chan, Kaochi-chan, and Urfie

Who is your BFF in REAL WORLD?
>>  Mila, and Danik

Your favourite songs (5)?
>> TRIPLE BAKA!! Fuwa-fuwa time, Chikai, Kokoro no Tamago, and Discotheque Love.

What's your opinion about my blog?
>> Simple, but C-O-O-L!!

Do you like JB?
>> No :(

Do you LOVE Narnia?
>> Gomenne, no = ="

What'a your favourite food?
>> In fact, a lot!

You want to go to Paris?
>> Yes! Yes! Yes! :3

Give me 5 main characters in Narnia!
>> Gomen, i don't know = ="

Give me your facebook and twitter name (if you have)!
>> Facebook:  Mine
     Twitter: Not yet ;)

Give me the truth. Did you like somebody?
>> Nope :). Now, i don't like somebody. He! He! He!

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