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A True Friend
Friday, December 2 | 0 response(s)

Hey, all. I want to give you a question. The question is so simple, but you must answer this very very dangerous. You can't  become a liar! Okay, if you want to know my question, please read more...

Okay.. please read it..
What is Friend?  

Is so simple right? But, is so make me confused  so much @O@. And do you know, friend is one of part important things to make my life colourful :) and if you know, we can get the true friend and false friend :).

The false friend is someone who like seen you in a trouble and they are very very dangerous! I hate them very much!! Okay, back to the question, I mind it so long.. and i got the answer :).. yeah, an answer that make me smile :). If you like to read the answer, please check this!!

What is Friend?
"Friend is...
Somebody who make you happier, smile, sad, and angry... Somebody who make you can show your true self... And somebody who make you so mild..."

It's my answer :) Hmm.. what do you think? #Haha.. is so cool, isn't it?

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