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Friday, March 2 | 27 response(s)

"someone.. help me.." *sob sob*
Well.. *sigh*
I'm going hiatus. I want to take Relationship with a lot of Exercise Book *skip*

If you know that UN is nearer? Yep! Fifty-days left and i'm must study hard. Great! HAHAHA! *over depression* I will leave blogging world until Thusday, April 26 2012. Maybe, sometimes, i'm online. But, i can't make a post because, my online time not enough >:")

For my *blog*friends.. If you want to still talk to me, chat with me in my chatbox and for blogwalking-ers, sorry if i don't visit your blog back ^^". I will do my best for me and you :) <--what?! --"

Bye, All  :'( *wave*

Please support + pray for me to get a score more than 38.00 *average:95*..

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